What is an ecosystem?

An ecosystem consists of the plants and animals of an area, and all the elements that make up their surroundings.

What is a biome?

A biome is a complex biotic community charatcerized by distinctive plants and animal species and maintained under climatic conditions of the region, a community that developed to the climax.

Food Web:


What is the most important thing to understand about an ecosystem?

There are many things that are important. An ecosystem is the intertwining, the working together, and the independancy- they are all equal of importance. Food, shelter, water, and adapting to their environment is also important!

What is an introduced species?

An introduced species is when a plant or animal is introduced into a new environment. That plant or animal learns how to adapt to its new surroundings. Its also known as a non-native species.

What is at the beginning and the end of most food chains?

The food chain begins with decomposers, and ends at top level consumers. Once the top level consumers have died, they decompose, and the food chain starts over again.